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What I do when I'm not writing #1 Photography

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Writing started as a hobby for me and, although I sell several books, I still see it as fun more than a job. I have a day job too which keeps me grounded and gets me out interacting with people which I need because writing is solitary!

But writing isn't my only love! One of my longest-standing hobbies has to be photography!

I've loved snapping pictures since the good old days when we had to make trips to Boots to have the film developed, hoping beyond hope the pictures came out!

No such problems these days, unless you drop a hard drive and lose a whole bunch of pictures (yes, I did!).

Photography is a quick way to capture a moment and save a memory and that was what first drew me to it.

Over the years I've had numerous photo books printed for myself and my family. I've won two photography competitions in a local newspaper and had the honour of photographing three weddings. With my love for all things romantic, that was a dream come true!

My favourite subjects are landscapes, weddings, and my son (in no particular order)! And sometimes food… if it's picture-worthy which generally discounts anything I've made!

Many of my photographs inspire my writing or I refer to them when crafting scenes. But most of the time they make me smile at precious memories.

My 5 tips for amateur photographers

  1. Invest in a good camera. If you're serious about photography, you need a good camera or you'll quickly get frustrated.

  2. Learn the basics. You've got the camera but you're baffled by it! Go and watch some YouTube clips about the basic functions.

  3. Get close up! I found focusing on small details helped me to take better shots. If you want to make photo books, using up-close detailed pictures alongside the bigger picture always looks good.

  4. Be nosey! Ok, I don't mean snapping random strangers on the street! Check out Pinterest and photographers' websites. Have a nosey at compositions you like and have a go at recreating them… Sometimes the results might be comical but it's worth a try!

  5. Change position! When you see professional photographers they're sometimes set up with tripods and equipment waiting for that golden shot. But if you're out and about and you're not sure what that shot is, instead of sitting waiting, move around, try kneeling down, even lying down, stand on something to make you taller and get different angles. This instantly mixes things up and gives you a fresh perspective.

If you'd like to see more photographs of the Isle of Mull where my series was set, check out my website and previous blogs!

I designed the covers for the Scottish Island Escapes series using some of my photographs as inspiration and reference!

All photographs © Margaret Amatt

Cover mockup template by Mark @Covervault

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