Scottish Island Escapes
5 romance books set in Scotland. A contemporary romance series

A Winter Haven

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She was the one that got away...

Now she's back.

Career-driven Robyn Sherratt returns to her childhood home on the Isle of Mull, hoping to build bridges with her estranged family. She discovers her mother struggling to run the family hotel. When an old flame turns up, memories come back to bite, nibbling into Robyn’s fragile heart.​

Carl Hansen, known as The Fixer, abandoned city life for peace and tranquillity. Swapping his office for a log cabin, he mends people’s broken treasures. He can fix anything, except himself. When forced to work on hotel renovations with Robyn, the girl he lost twelve years ago, his quiet life is sent spinning.

​Carl would like nothing more than to piece together the shattered shards of Robyn’s heart. But can she trust him? What can a broken man like him offer a successful woman like her?

Book 1

A Spring Retreat

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She’s gritty, he’s determined...

Who will back down first?


When spirited islander Beth McGregor learns of plans to build a road through the family farm, she sets out to stop it. But she’s thrown off course by the charming and handsome project manager. Sparks fly, sending Beth into a spiral of confusion. Guys are fine as friends. Nothing else.


Murray Henderson has finally found a place to retreat from the past with what seems like a straightforward job. But he hasn’t reckoned on the stubbornness of the locals, especially the hot-headed and attractive Beth.


As they battle together over the proposed road, attraction blooms. Murray strives to discover the real Beth; what secrets lie behind the tough façade?


Can a regular farm girl like her measure up to Murray’s impeccable standards, and perhaps find something she didn’t know she was looking for?

Book 2

A Summer Sanctuary

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She’s about to discover the one place he wants to keep secret...

Five years ago, Island girl Kirsten McGregor broke the company rules. Now, she has the keys to the Hidden Mull tour bus and is ready to take on the task of running the business. But another tour has arrived. The competition is bad enough but when she recognises the rival tour operator, her plans are upended.

Former jet pilot Fraser Bell has made his share of mistakes. What better place to hide and regroup than the place he grew to love as a boy? With great enthusiasm, he launches into his new tour business, until old-flame Kirsten shows up and sends his world plummeting.

Kirsten may know all the island’s secrets, but what she can’t work out is Fraser. With tension simmering, Kirsten and Fraser’s attraction increases. What if they both made a mistake before? Is one of them about to make an even bigger one now?

Book 3

An Autumn Hideaway

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​She went looking for someone, but it wasn’t him.

After a string of disappointments for chirpy city girl Autumn, discovering her notoriously unstable mother has run off again is the last straw. When Autumn learns her mother’s last known whereabouts was a remote Scottish Island, she makes the rash decision to go searching for her.

Taciturn islander Richard has his reasons for choosing the remote Isle of Mull as home. He’s on a deadline and doesn’t need any complications or company. But everything changes after a chance encounter with Autumn.

Autumn chips away at Richard’s reserve until his carefully constructed walls start to crumble. But Autumn’s just a passing visitor and Richard has no plans to leave. Will they realise, before it’s too late, that what they’ve been searching for isn’t necessarily what’s missing?

​She went looking for someone, but it wasn’t him.

Book 4

A Christmas Bluff


​She’s about to trespass all over his Christmas.

Artist and photographer Georgia has spent two carefree years on the Isle of Mull and is looking forward to a quiet Christmas... Until she discovers her family is about to descend upon her, along with her past.

Aloof aristocrat Archie has let out his island mansion to a large party from the mainland. They’re expecting a castle for Christmas, not an outdated old pile, and he’s in trouble.


When Georgia turns up with an irresistible smile and an offer he can’t refuse, he’s wary, but he needs her help.

As Georgia weaves her festive charms around the house, they start to work on Archie too. And the spell extends both ways. But falling in love was never part of the deal. Can the magic outlast Christmas when he’s been conned before and she has a secret that could ruin everything?

Book 5

Season Two
Season One

A Flight of Fancy


She’s masquerading as her twin, pretending to be his girlfriend, while really just being herself.


After years of being cooped up by her movie star family, Taylor Rousse is desperate to escape. Having a Hollywood actress as a twin is about all Taylor can say for herself, but when she’s let down by her sister for the umpteenth time, she decides now is the time for action.


Pilot Magnus Hansen is heading back to his family home on the Isle of Mull for his brother’s wedding and he’s not looking forward to showing up single. The eldest of three brothers shouldn’t be the last married – no matter how often he tells himself he’s not the marrying type.


On his way, Magnus crashes into a former fling. She’s a Hollywood star looking for an escape and they strike a deal: he’s her ticket to a week of peace; she’s his new date. Except Taylor isn’t who he thinks she is. When she and Magnus start to fall for each other, their double deception threatens to blow up in their faces and shatter everything that might have been.

Book 6

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