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After years of being cooped up by her movie star family, Taylor Rousse is desperate to escape. Having a Hollywood actress as a twin is about all Taylor can say for herself, but when she’s let down by her sister for the umpteenth time, she decides now is the time for action.


Pilot Magnus Hansen is heading back to his family home on the Isle of Mull for his brother’s wedding and he’s not looking forward to showing up single. The eldest of three brothers shouldn’t be the last married – no matter how often he tells himself he’s not the marrying type.


On his way, Magnus crashes into a former fling. She’s a Hollywood star looking for an escape and they strike a deal: he’s her ticket to a week of peace; she’s his new date. Except Taylor isn’t who he thinks she is. When she and Magnus start to fall for each other, their double deception threatens to blow up in their faces and shatter everything that might have been.

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  • A Flight of Fancy is a fake dating, dark secret contemporary romance novel set on a Scottish island.

  • A love story in dual point of view (POV), with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happy ever after (HEA).

  • Steam rating - medium (some on the page sex without graphic description, plenty of sensual romance, tension and banter)

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