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When unlucky-in-love Carys McTeague is offered the job of caring for an injured footballer, she goes for it even though it’s far removed from the world she’s used to.


Scottish football hero Troy Copeland is at the centre of a media storm after a serious accident left him with career-threatening injuries and his fiancée dumped him for a teammate. With a little persuasion from Carys, he flees to the remote Isle of Mull to escape and recuperate.


On Mull, Carys reconnects with someone unexpected from her past and starts to fall in love with the island – and Troy. But nothing lasts forever. Carys has been abandoned more than once and as soon as Troy’s recovered, he’ll leave like everyone else.

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  • A Striking Result is an injured hero, fish out of water, rich v. poor, contemporary romance novel set on a Scottish island.

  • A love story in dual point of view (POV), with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happy ever after (HEA).

  • Steam rating - medium (some on the page sex without graphic description, plenty of sensual romance, tension and banter)

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