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Another 10 Places to Visit on the Isle of Mull!

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Isle of Mull

The Isle of Mull is the beautiful Hebridean Island that inspired the setting for my contemporary romantic fiction series, Scottish Island Escapes. This is the second blog featuring some of the beautiful places on the island. If you want to read the first one, you can do so here.

A view over a sea loch with a rainbow over it

Mull is one of my favourite places in the whole world. The island is teeming with scenery, beautiful walks, sails, wildlife, places to eat and even some neat little shops.

If you're looking for a place to stay, you're spoilt for choice with everything from top class hotels to wild camping!

Many of the sites on Mull inspired places in my books. Sometimes I used the real place, other times I made up a name and based it on somewhere on the island. I have a map in all my books with notes on which places are real and which are made up! Just in case you should go looking for the Glen Lodge Hotel for example... It's not real, sorry! Likewise, should you drive down the west side of the island, looking for the Ardnish Estate... Nope, not real either!

If you want to check out the map, you can view it here.

If you decide to visit, here are 10 places not to miss.

1. Croig.

croig Isle of Mull

Croig is a cute little harbour on the west side of the island. From here there are some lovely coastal walks. Croig features in book 9, A Perfect Discovery!

2. Port-na-ba beach

port-na-ba Isle of Mull

If you make it to Croig, then you really must keep going to Port-Na-Ba. It's a beautiful and secluded beach, only a short walk from Croig. Once you're there, you'll be spoilt with sand, sea, rock pools and even a little painted rock garden,

3. Langamull woods and beach

Langamull Isle of Mull

This is one of the most stunning beaches on the island! Located on the west side of the island, the beach is a fair walk from the car park at the Langamull woods. But don't be put off. The walk itself is beautiful and once you get there, you'll be rewarded with a glorious beach. Pack lots of supplies and make a day of it! (But don't leave litter!)

4. Quinish Point

Quinish Isle of Mull

The walk to Quinish point takes you through a beautiful woodland on the Quinish estate, along the side of Loch Cuin. The paths are well-marked and there's gorgeous scenery. You can choose various routes, including one with a standing stone that looks like a witch and another to a ruined township right on the beach.

5. The Glass Barn, Sgriob-ruadh Farm

glass barn  Isle of Mull

Just outside Tobermory, you'll find this absolute gem of a cafe and shop! I'm super-biased because I love cheese, but this is one of my favourite places to eat on the island and the decor makes it extra special!

6. Loch Tuath

Loch tuath  Isle of Mull

With stunning views and sunsets, this is one of the most gorgeous parts of the island. I've spent some time in a holiday cottage here and I loved looking out every night on the setting sun. It's truly magical.

7. The road to Dhiseig

Dhiseig road Isle of Mull

This road is not for the faint hearted! It twists around the bottom of the mountains, close to the sea with lots of bends and twists... Watch out for cows on the road (and other drivers too!)

8. Croggan

Croggan  Isle of Mull

Croggan is an out of the way village on the east side of the island. I spent my honeymoon here one cold January and was lucky enough to see the sea eagle every day, sometimes just outside where I was staying. It has a real remote feel to it and is perfect for a quiet walk or a relaxing afternoon.

9. Lochbuie

Lochbuie  Isle of Mull

Another beautiful little village to the east of the island. One of the added reasons for visiting here, as well as the walks and the ruined castle, is the Old Post Office cafe. It's stocked with delicious treats and well worth a visit!

10. Ben More

Ben more Isle of Mull

Mull's only Munro is situated in the middle of the island and can be seen from all around, making it a great landmark. It's a very dramatic looking mountain. One day, I might make it to the top and see the view from there!

I'm planning my next trip to the island and hopefully I'll come back with ten more places to visit!

All photographs © Margaret Amatt

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