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Character Interview #4

Updated: Apr 17

The hero in A Spring Retreat is Murray Henderson. Murray is the new manager of a Woodland Community group. One of his main objectives is to build a logging road linking the woodland to the main road. Unfortunately this road goes straight across Beth’s land.

As part of the writing process, I like to flesh out my characters with quirky details and background to make them feel real. This sometimes includes a character interview. Here’s the fourth interview in the series.

These are the answers I imagined Murray giving at the start of the novel. I’ve edited it a little to remove spoilers!

Murray is a determined character who likes to get his own way. He’s worked on big projects all over the country and still behaves (and dresses) like a mainlander – much to Beth’s annoyance!

An interview with Murray Henderson from A Spring Retreat by Margaret Amatt

Where and when were you born?

In the Scottish borders

Who are/were your parents?

My father is Bruce and my mother is Janet. They live in the Scottish borders in a town called Kelso near where I was born.

Do you have any siblings?

One older sister, Alison. She’s married and has two children, Jack and Lucy.

Where do you live now, and with whom?

I just moved into a little bothy on the Isle of Mull and I currently live alone after splitting up with my ex.

What is your occupation?

I’m the manager of the community woodland group.

On what occasions do you lie?

I generally value honesty.

What kind of distinguishing facial features do you have?

I have a well-trimmed beard.

How would you describe your childhood?

Privileged. We lived in a good area and always had up-to-date toys and new clothes.

Where did you learn most of your skills and other abilities?

School, university, life and work experience.

What do you consider the most important event of your life so far?

When my ex made a false accusation about me that almost landed me in jail. It made me reassess my life and what was important to me.

Do you have a criminal record?

No, thank god.

Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

Optimistic mostly but I don’t like people getting in my way.

Do you believe in the existence of soul mates and/or true love?

I’d like to think that it was ‘a thing’ but so far I haven’t had any luck in finding her!

What do you measure success in?

I used to think money, houses, clothes and possessions. Now, I’ve changed my outlook and I’d really just like to be happy.

How close are you to your family?

We’re not super-close but we get on. My mum likes to boss me around (a lot!)

Have you ever been in love?

Well, I thought so. But now I know different! What I had was a partner who liked competing with me.

What do you look for in a potential lover?

Someone I can trust, who’s strong, knows her own mind and is her own person.

What is/are your favourite hobbies and pastimes?

Running and whittling.

How do you deal with stress?


Are you spontaneous, or do you always need to have a plan?

I prefer a plan but I’m definitely not against spontaneity! A happy balance is good.

What is your greatest strength?

My determination.

I hope you enjoyed that little peek into Murray's character. If you want to discover if he changes his mind on any of these points, be sure to check out A Spring Retreat.

I absolutely LOVED this book! Fabulous characters and story. Your heart goes out to both Beth and Murray. This is the second of Margaret's books I've read and I can't wait to read more! (Amazon reviewer)

More character interviews from the Scottish Island Escapes series to follow soon!

Beth & Murray's pictures created by Margaret Amatt using Artbreeder.com

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